The President vs. rebellious Governors


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    The President vs. rebel Governors

    On January 14, President López Obrador will meet with Governors to discuss security and the new National Health Institute for Health and Well-being (Insabi). As you might remember, six governors, five from the PAN and one from MC, have said that they will keep the Seguro Popular, the health care institute created before the Insabi, as the new institute has no clear rules and takes faculties from them so that they can’t guarantee health services to the state inhabitants. We’ll see if the rebel Governors beat the President or if the rejection towards the new institute increases.

    Mexico’s new free healthcare institute spreads confusion

    The mystery surrounding the bomb sent to the Senate

    Almost 8 months have passed since a small device exploded in the hands of Senator Citlalli Hernández Mora but until now, nothing is known about the attack. So far, the Morena lawmaker has never asked authorities to investigate the attack against her and despite transparency, nothing is known about the incident that should have been investigated by the Attorney General’s Office. Is the investigation not over yet or they don’t want the results to be made public?

    Mexican senator suffers light injuries from an explosive device

    Diplomats had a great time

    Although the current administration is very enthusiastic about austerity, the Foreign Ministry went all out for the 31st Meeting Between Mexican Ambassadors and Consuls. During the first day, the Mexican diplomats and their spouses attended a dinner at the Currency Museum and days later, the diplomats listened to pianist José Luis Altamirano at an exclusive concert.

    Bolivia harasses and intimidates Mexican diplomats

    The UN could investigate enforced disappearances

    2020 is here and the families of victims of enforced disappearance are hopeful about justice. We’ve been told that NGOs and other groups have renewed hope after Alejandro Encinas, the Human Rights Minister, met with the UN’s workgroup for enforced disappearances. The meeting generated excitement among the families as it’s been 10 years since they have asked that the UN evaluates Mexico but previous administrations opposed a visit and evaluation. With this new panorama, they are now hoping that Encinas will promote the evaluation to understand the responsibility of security agencies had in the enforced disappearance of at least 61,000 victims.

    Enforced disappearance still haunts Mexico


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