Laura Ingraham: Dems Refuse to Accept Reality, Keep Selling 'Poison to Scandal-Addicts'


    Laura Ingraham said House Democrats continue to act like “meth dealers,” pushing allegations of Trump-Russia collusion despite Special Counsel Robert Mueller not bringing a case on the issue. 

    At a House Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday, Ingraham noted that several Democrats continued with their collusion claims in a “depressing, yet very illuminating spectacle.”

    “After relentlessly pushing Russian collusion for two years, they were finally busted. No collusion, no obstruction, but Democrats refuse to accept reality and instead they continue to sell their poison to scandal addicts on the left,” she said. 

    Ingraham said Democrats on the committee, led by chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), have now picked Attorney General Bill Barr as their “new nemesis” and created a “phony conflict.” 

    The committee voted along party lines Wednesday to hold Barr in contempt of Congress for not complying with a subpoena for the full, unredacted Mueller report.

    The Justice Department offered to negotiate with Nadler on the release of further material from Mueller’s report, but said the unredacted report could not be legally turned over. Earlier in the day, the White House invoked executive privilege, claiming the right to block lawmakers from seeing the unredacted report. 

    Ingraham said Democrats promised last November that if they won control of Congress, they would pass serious legislation and address the country’s pressing issues.

    Instead, she said they have refused to work with Republicans to address the border crisis, while President Trump’s Gallup approval surged to a new high of 46 percent in the weeks following the Mueller report’s release.

    “They may have voted to hold the attorney general in contempt, but what they really did was hold you, the American people, in contempt,” she concluded.

    Watch the full monologue above.

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