Greg Gutfeld on Media's 'Pavlovian' Response to NY Times 'Bombshell' on Trump Taxes


    Greg Gutfeld said on “The Five” that the media’s response to the New York Times’ story on President Trump’s taxes was “Pavlovian.”

    The report laid out huge losses in Trump’s real estate empire during the ’80s and ’90s, as Trump claimed more than $1 billion in losses between 1985 and 1994. Trump blasted the story Wednesday morning, arguing the reporting of losses for tax purposes was a common practice among developers.

    Gutfeld noted that Trump routinely acknowledged his prior financial struggles, famously saying on “The Apprentice” that, “It wasn’t always so easy. About 13 years ago I was seriously in trouble, I was billions of dollars in debt.”

    He likened the “bombshell” report to other decades-old stories, like the Berlin Wall falling and Bay City Rollers breaking up. 

    “So, if the Times gets another Pulitzer, they should share it with Trump for tipping them off years ago. Still, the media response was Pavlovian,” said Gutfeld, highlighting clips of CNN and MSNBC anchors calling the president a “con man” and a “loser.”

    He said the media always thinks they’ve “got” Trump in a huge scandal, but the “anti-Trump headlines keep falling flat.”

    “It’s hilarious. They keep stepping on the same rake and getting whacked in the head. … And what do you hear from the American public? It’s the sound of life in 2019 under Trump. It’s the sound of calm. But as the press should know by now, you can’t hear it when you’re screaming,” Gutfeld concluded.

    Responding on “The Five,” Juan Williams joked that Trump had “daddy to bail him out” when times got tough, accusing the president of lying to his supporters by claiming to be a successful businessman. 

    “It’s a total scam. Guess what, he lost more money than anybody else in America,” Williams said, adding there are serious allegations of bank and tax fraud against Trump. 

    He said if Russia or another country decided “we can get our hooks into this guy by bailing him out, then the American people should know.”

    Watch the segment above and see Tucker’s response below. 


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