Brit Hume: House Dems Holding Bill Barr in Contempt of Congress Is 'Toothless Sanction'


    Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume weighed in on “Fox News @ Night” after the House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to hold Attorney General Bill Barr in contempt of Congress for not complying with a subpoena for the unredacted Mueller report.

    The Justice Department offered to negotiate with committee chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) on the release of further material from Mueller’s report, but said the unredacted report could not be legally turned over.

    Earlier in the day, the White House invoked executive privilege, claiming the right to block lawmakers from seeing the unredacted report. Hume said it’s unclear if the full House will take a vote on holding Barr in contempt, but doubted the potential consequences of such an action. 

    “What happens then? The answer seems to be, based on the most recent experience, absolutely nothing,” said Hume, pointing back to Congress holding then-Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for failing to turn over documents linked to the Fast and Furious scandal

    He said Holder was found to be in contempt, but the matter was never pursued further.

    “I don’t think the Sergeant at Arms for the House of Representatives is going to go marching with some kind of SWAT team to the Justice Department to try to haul the attorney general out to punish him for his contempt of Congress. It’s a toothless sanction really,” said Hume. 

    Hume also weighed in on the New York Times report on Trump’s tax returns, which laid out huge losses in his real estate empire during the ’80s and ’90s. 

    Watch the full interview above.

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